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LG OLED TV - A New Category of Televisioncreative direction/art direction

Best. Campaign. Ever.  LG invented an entirely new technology for television, LG OLED. The strategy, creative, and design of the program took shape by highlighting that this new category of television was indeed entirely different. It meant not just focusing on messaging, but also creating new means of selling with retailers, new training programs for associates, and new technology approaches to distribution. This project won the global LG innovation award in 2016, the first time it was ever given to a creative agency, rather than an internal product engineering team.  The LG OLED campaign became the most successful TV campaign in LG USA history. It was to be a complete 360 campaign utilizing video, banners, digital and print. We even had a few Home page takeovers on CNET to engage the consumers the minute they logged on. This project even had the likes of Francis Ford Coppola enamored with the quality of the picture.

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